Some food for thought about feeling, being, and clearing angry, plus the link to a pretty interesting article for you.

First, the article.

This article is from, and its called “What if Positivity, Light & Love Don’t Cut It?”

Nice one, right?

Here’s what I wrote after reading it:

People have been telling me to stop being angry about what is happening in our country.

I’ve been saying no, that doesn’t work for me. I AM angry.

However, I also know that holding that anger will make me sick and toxic.

So I release and release and release again.

Because I get angry, and angry, and angry again.

I’m letting it out constantly now, and coming back to my blessed spacious light filled place over and over each day now.

* Self Reiki EVERY morning and sometimes in the evening.
* Journaling.
* Using my oracle cards to connect to source and to get the messages I may not be hearing when I a feeling angry.
* Gratitude work.
* Holding my vision.
* Calling on the angels to help both me and my country. * Automatic writing.
* TONS I mean TONS of breath work to keep my constricting body open, and to open the cells and the spaces between the cells.
* Working with my crystals.
* Petting the cats.
* Standing outside.
* Reading funny books.
* Eating too many sweets (but at least it’s mostly home made and home baked so I know what’s actually in it).

These are the things that are helping find my footing and my balance in this new world order.I am not hiding under a rock. I’m following the news and using many sources.

But, I am truly working at letting out as much as I am letting in, and at releasing the energy coming up from all of the old hidden parts of me which are being triggered.

What about you?

What are you doing to clear your energy daily?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

In deep peace,

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