Special Offer for Holiday Hoopla Day 8!

Happy Holiday Hoopla Day 8!

I know, I know — it’s 8 Maids a Milking — but oh it made me laugh when this photo came up in response to my search for an 8 maids image HAHA!

Alrighty, back to topic.

Here we are on Day 8 of the Holiday Hoopla. There will be one more Hoopla email tomorrow — so stay tuned!

Today’s Special Offer is for the entrepreneurs and sole practitioners among you who want to change the world for the better, who have an idea of what that means, but just don’t know how to get there from here.

Entrepreneurs and sole practitioners who don’t know quite how to get the milk in the bucket!

And that’s what today’s Special Offer is all about.

But first, it’s time for the the singing:

On the 8th Day of Hoopla, dear Dina offered me,

~ One Cow — oops, no, it’s 8 Maids a Milking,

~ savings on sessions and stones,

~ $60 off and 6 weeks free in Vision Based Business Planning,

~ one VIP GOLD opportunity,

~ up to 4 30 minute sessions,

~ a 3-4-U program savings,

~ a two pack of Angel Readings,

~ and some Manifesting Coaching for me. =)

Ok, back to the maids a milking!

Your Holiday Hoopla Day 8 Special Offer is all about The Success Sessions Business Builder program!

The Success Sessions Business Builder is an Intensive 7 Week 1:1 Coaching Program that will help you turn your Business Dreams into your Business Reality.

If you are ready to fill that business bucket of yours with Success?

Then keep reading!

How are you and your business doing?

Are your dreams becoming your reality?

Are you ready to take it higher?

Are you and your business ready to transform?

Is it time for The Success Sessions Business Builder with me, Dina Kennedy, Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy?

Whether you are an established business owner or sole practitioner who is ready to shift gears, or a new entrepreneur ready to get focused and aligned with your vision, I can help.

In this program we will get you, your dream and vision, and your business aligned, we’ll get you re-energized, excited and focused, and we’ll move you into the flow that grows your business, your income, and your spirit.

This program gets results, and gets them FAST.

I am a real believer in coaching to grow, and am always working with coaches myself. Their assistance, insight, prodding and guidance are invaluable to me! Is it time for you to get some outside assistance for your upleveling?

Here’s what clients have said about holistic business coaching with me:

“If you feel the time has come to step your business up a notch, then the time is right to sign up for Dina Kennedy’s holistic business coaching. Dina’s unique blend of pragmatic business training, spiritual insight and guidance on how to do less better (you heard right, you are going to work much less) kick-started a major upward shift in my business and my life.

I will always be grateful for the clarity that Dina facilitated.

If your question is, ‘can I afford it?’ then your answer is probably ‘can you afford not to sign up for Dina Kennedy’s holistic business coaching.”

  • Alison Purves, International Business Developer and Mentor at Unwrap Your Potential


“What an AMAZING program! Dina helped me connect to my inner being and listened to exactly what I needed to do to help make my business successful. She was wonderful at suggesting creative ideas, marketing strategies, and providing encouragement. She is the real deal.

She gets to the chase, listened to what my truest desires are, and meanwhile she has a way to activate what the divine has to offers us, which leaves this program with WOWs and MAGICAL moments! My business is the best it has ever been now that I have focused goals I want to reach. Also, I have more time on my hands and take care of myself way more than I ever did before!

I’m so grateful that I signed up for this program!”

  • Kristen Churco, Woodland Massage & Holistic Practice

With The Success Sessions Business Builder, I will:

  • get you focused and keep you focused
  • bring skills you don’t have to the equation, and share them with you
  • create a powerful system of accountability
  • help you define, then refine your vision to align with your energy
  • provide ongoing feedback and support
  • search for and remove energetic blocks that have been holding you apart from your vision unfolding
  • get you out of your comfort zone and moving into your dream and vision for your business
  • help you with forward planning, and with the practical steps needed to run a business well
  • help you earn more money with your business

You can expect me to support, encourage, cheer for you, and listen, but you can also expect me to push you, prod you, and hold you accountable. You have unlimited email access to me during the program, and I hope you’ll use it.

The Success Sessions Business Builder is normally a seven week, seven 1:1 Energy Untangling & Coaching Sessions program with unlimited email access to me for an investment of $897 US.

For this Special Holiday Hoopla Day 8 Offer I invite you to SAVE $100 (pay just $797 US) PLUS GET A FREE 8th Session AND extra unlimited email access to me! Payment Plans are available.

Want to read more about this program before deciding? Here’s the link: http://permission-to-succeed.dinakennedy.com/the-success-sessions/

Just don’t sign up through that page as it won’t give you the $100 Savings, the Extra Session or the Extra email access to me!

Payment will be thru paypal or by check. And everyone who makes a purchase during the 8 Days of Holiday Hoopla is automatically entered to win a crystal from my personal collection intuitively chosen by me for the winner.

Just send me a message to let me know you want in, and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s to overflowing buckets of success this coming year MOOO!

Ho, ho, ho,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
www.dinakennedy.com for your life

p.s. You can find all of the Holiday Hoopla Special Offers currently open and available right here: http://www.dinakennedy.com/blog/

Fa la la la laaaaa, la la la la!


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