Special Offer for You OR Mom!

Looking for that perfect treat for you or mom?

How about a personal Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message with me, delivered via email?


Here’s what folks say about these:


“Hot DAMN woman you are good!”


“Wow, I’m reading and rereading and everything that was said strikes a chord. Thank you so, so much! I cannot wait to hear the rest. You, and the angels, are amazing and this comes at the most perfect time.


I had to forward this to my husband, it’s just so amazing and he knows about my insecurities and desires with this. As a teenager, my mom visited with someone (don’t remember who or why this was brought up) but she said she was told I always have angels protecting me. I didn’t remember this till just now. Amazing!”


“Words cannot express the feelings of gratitude and hope my readings with Dina gave me.  I was not sure what to expect going into this but I know I did not expect the raw clarity she gave me.  She knows what she is doing and truly delivers!  I will continue to work with her and will recommend others to do the same.”


I am no longer offering these as a stand alone service, only as an occasional Special Offer, so if you are intrigued, grab yours now!


How does it work?


It’s pretty simple. You, or mom, email me your question or area of concern that you’d like me to read and channel about. Or, you or mom can simply have me ask the angels: “dear angels, what do you want [insert name here} to know, right now?


I then open the portal in my sacred space, present the question or issue to the cards and to the angels, and start channeling.


I write down what they say, exactly as I hear it for you or mom. It’s kind of like taking dictation!


I edit for typos only, and then send you or mom the message I channeled via return email.


The Special Offer is 1 Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for $66 US, or 2 Angel Card Readings & Channeled Messages for $111 US.

You can keep them, gift them, keep one and give one — it’s your choice!​





Please send me an email at info@dinakennedy.com, or a pm thru facebook to sign up.


Payment due before any reading will be done.. Paypal preferred please and thanks. 


Can’t wait to read for you! Please let me know if you have any questions.


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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