Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game Level 2!
are you ready for more?

with Dina Kennedy
Certified Angel Card Reader & Channel
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

LIVE Online Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game Level 2!  

3 Week Course that will take your readings that

much further, higher, deeper! 

Class Starts Tuesday May 5**. Come join the fun!

This Class is for you if :  (1) you have ever taken one of my Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards classes in the Long Lake office or at Abanakee Studios and are ready for more, or (2) you've taken one of my LIVE Online Oracle Cards Level 1 or Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game Level 1 Live Online classes and are ready for more. 

And, if you've taken a Live Online Oracle Cards Level 2 class with me (I've never taught it in the office), you are welcome to repeat and join this one at 50% off.

** don't worry if you can't make the Live Calls -- they'll be recorded and the recording shared

(but do try to make at least some of them live as it makes for a richer experience)

Do you love working with your Oracle Cards?

Do you love connecting to the angels, guides, & Spirit for their messages for you and for your friends?

Do you wish you knew how to do more with your cards, or that you had more confidence in your readings, your messages, and your cards?

Would you like to learn more spreads, and practice more BLAH?

Are you ready to dive deeper, and to learn to open even further to the messages that come thru the portal of your cards?

Then this is for you.

I'll show you how to go deeper and further with your oracle card readings, and the course topics will most likely include:

~ specific topic readings (such as romance, career, money, health, etc.)

~ reading intuitively

~ possibly reading with stones

~ creating your own reading spreads

~ and maybe even how to take it professional (i.e. for a fee as a service).

Welcome to the LIVE ONLINE Step Up Your Oracle

Cards Game Level 2 course!

What's in the LIVE Online Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game Level 2 training?

In this 3 Week Course you'll get:

~ Three 90 Minute Live Online Interactive training calls with me, via zoom, which are recorded and made available to all registrants whether you make the calls live or not


~ A private interactive facebook group to discuss what we're learning, to share readings and questions, and to give and receive readings


~ Daily Tips to anchor in and expand on the teachings 4 x each week


~ Daily Prompts each week to read around -- some will be for you, some will be for readings for others 4x each week

What a fabulous way to get practice, experience, support, encouragement, and messages!  I do hope you'll join us!

Prerequisite:  you must have taken either (1) Dina Kennedy's "LIVE Online Oracle Cards & Automatic Writing Class", or (2) her live in the office or at Abanakee Studios "Messages From Your Angels Using Oracle Cards & Automatic Writing" class, or (3) the Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game Level 1 Live Online to enroll in this Level 2 Class.

If you took the Live Online Oracle Cards Level 2 class in the past (it would have been online -- I've never taught Level 2 in the offices), you are welcome to join this one at 50% off -- just message me to register and don't use the YES I WANT IN button to sign up!


Remember - you must meet the prerequisite to enroll!

Repeat this class for just $65 US

Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game! Level 2 is a great, interactive, informative, and FUN course. I do hope you'll join me. 

one final note: Oracle Cards readings are NEVER meant to take the place of medical advice. They are for entertainment and curiosity only. 

click the Yes I Want In! button on the bottom right of this page to register!


The 3 Live Interactive Group Training Video Calls are from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday May 5, Tuesday May 12, and Tuesday May 19.

The interactive facebook group will open on May 4th.


We will be on for the calls (free & easy to use), and all calls will be recorded

and the recordings shared (so don't worry

if you can't make each one live).

Details to follow before the first call.


Click the red Yes! I Want In! button over on the bottom right to register.

If you've taken a Level 2 Oracle Cards training with me before, I'm happy to invite you to join in at a Repeaters Special Rate of $65 US (please note -- if this is you, you must email me directly to register -- don't use the sign up button!)

If you are ready to Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game to the next level, click the YES, I WANT IN! button to the right, and

I'll see you there!

in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for

Untangling Energy

Shifting Energy, Lives & Businesses daily 


Step Up Your Oracle Cards Game
Level 2!

3 Interactive LIVE Online

90 Minutes Group Calls (recorded)


a Members Only Private,

 interactive facebook group

with reading prompts,

tips, Q & A & community

All over 3 weeks!

Begins Tuesday May 5th!


Just click the Yes! I Want In! 

button to register!

(Repeaters Special Rate: 

$65 US -- email me if you want in &

if this applies to you, don't click!)