Tap Into Center – and breathe

Tap Into Center – and breathe

a Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post

by Dina Kennedy, 5.5.2017


White Area Is Your Center Point, Your Now


How’s your daily practice?

What are you doing to catch your breath these days?

Where are you able to find a little breathing space in your daily life?


Here’s a secret – you’ll find it in the now, and only in the now.


Worrying about tomorrow, yesterday, tonight? Those are all out of the now. Those are all out of the center.


If you think of your life as a series of overlapping circles, the intersection of them all is right here, right now, this center point.


Think about that a minute. As you read my words, you are coming into your center.

As you read my words, you are beginning to breathe again.

As you read my words, you take a nice long breath in, you stretch your toes, you let it go with a sigh.


Now close your eyes, and check into your energy and your body, just for a few seconds.


Did you feel that? That’s center. That’s breathing space. That’s being here now and just BE-ing.


It’s home. It’s where we can find balance, where we can regroup, where we can settle.


Even if it’s just for a few seconds or perhaps longer – a minute or two, coming into that center and resting in the breath changes the all.


When we come into that center point, that now, and the breath suddenly can breathe us again, stress releases, energy shifts, clean clear life force suddenly comes in.


And we feel centered, and ready for the next thing coming along.


Can you find some time to add this quick centering and breathing exercise into you life? Sure you can. It doesn’t require much time, and it’s so worth the little bit of effort!


Center, and breathe. Center and breathe.


Feels good, doesn’t it?


In deep peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority on Untangling Energy







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