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“You are a force in this world and your work changes lives. Simple as that.”


“Dina Kennedy is the real deal.” 


“World class.”

No longer does this girl have to stay silent and take the abuse, she will roar back and claim her territory and conquer. Thank you for helping me to change my life and become a strong woman.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, 1000 times over, dear Dina, for getting me out of a hole, and into the light!”


Thank you for giving me my life back.”


“Dina, you saved my life.”



Dear Dina,

A huge thank you for our call yesterday.  I literally feel like a different person. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

TESTIMONIAL – I hope this is useful …

I had been feeling that my life was in a downward out-of-control spiral for a few weeks.  I was at the stage where I could see no way out.

I then had an online energy untangling session with Dina Kennedy that literally changed my life very quickly.  I could sense negativity (I “saw” this as a dark grey/brown sludge) leaving my body through my right side. As it left I could “see” my body filling with a bright blue/white light.  I felt light and positive.

Immediately after the call, I did a few small tasks that I had been putting off and then had a peaceful night of sleep.  This morning, I woke refreshed and raring to go. Today, everything seems possible.

Thank you Dina.’”



“Dina Kennedy RMT was the light I needed to bring into my life. She explained Reiki to me and I decided to take the classes. Without Reiki I was stressed to the point of being sick practically daily, now I use the new techniques to settle myself and focus on what is important. Dina made each class fun and informational which is a hard balance to find. Her space is very calming and has a great feeling. If I had not met Dina years ago I would not have been able to learn Reiki. I was put in contact with her for a reason and now that is clear. Since the Reiki classes Dina has always answered my questions and listened to any concerns or confusion I may be dealing with. Dina has a wonderful and powerful energy that pulls whatever is meant to come out, up to the surface. As a healer Dina is amazing and as a teacher she is wonderful but as a friend we are truly blessed to have met her.”


Dina Kennedy saved our lives.”


If you are looking for a healer or intuitive to change your health and life, you won’t find a better one anywhere than Dina. Don’t miss out. We love her classes too!


“Dina Kennedy. Healer – Teacher – Mentor 18 years of hand on experience. Reiki Master providing outstanding sessions, words of wisdom, and different levels of workshops. I have received many reiki sessions from Dina, and then she became my mentor. She provided the space for me to do much healing for myself! Letting go of past issues, conflicts, finding inner balance, which enabled me to change my whole perspective about life.


“Thank you so much Dina, you are such a bright light in this world and have helped me out so much.”


“I don’t know what it is, Dina, but ever since I started seeing you my life is going so much better. It’s like I’m becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.”


I took part in the Steady Shifter series with Dina 3 months prior to retirement.  I was anxious about the big change coming up in my life and wanted to do some work around that.  I loved the sessions with Dina, always leaving feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!  She provided me with some excellent energy tools to use.  The culminating experience of the creating a vision board was so powerful.   I have the vision board on a wall in my office. It has been so helpful over the past month to look at that when things have happened I didn’t necessarily agree with.   I also loved the online course Let’s Get Manifesting!!  Thank you Dina for everything!  It has been great working with you and getting to know you.  I will be back !”


Working with you has completely changed our lives. You are amazing!”


“I’m walking right again. I can feel my foot on the ground. It’s been a long time.


Thank you, Dina, for giving so much to me.”


“What a wonderful session! Wow! I have so much gratitude for the guidance you were able to share today. Even to bring my health to a whole new level. Thank you so much!”


“Thank you for supporting my journey and for letting me learn at my own pace and in my own way. Your support along my path has been a true blessing.”


“Dina Kennedy is a healer’s healer.”


“I always feel so hopeful after a session with Dina!”


Your normal is other people’s amazing.”


“Amazing. Can I come again?”


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