The Energy of “Moving Towards”

The Energy of “Moving Towards”

A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post

by Dina Kennedy


Have you ever noticed how often you make a decision based on the desire to move away from something? How, when you don’t like the way something is, or how something makes you feel, you’ll do almost anything to move away from it?

Maybe you decide to change the channel, to leave the job, to change that habit, to leave that relationship. You simply want to get away from the annoyance, or the pain and discomfort, as fast as you can. That’s what we do as humans. We’re very reactive.

At that point we are so focused on the energy of that which we want to escape or move away from that we often just jump. Our whole decision is based on, and infused with the energy of moving away from. We’re not focused so much on what we are jumping into, we’re just focused on getting away from.

But there is another way, and another energy which you can bring into this type of decision making. What if, instead of making decisions infused with the energy of escape, you started to make decisions using the more positive, life affirming energy of moving towards? Of embracing instead of escaping?

What if, instead of “moving away from” decisions, your decision to make a change or a shift was based on a “moving toward”? Moving toward remembering your wholeness. Moving toward happiness. Moving toward peace of mind, or contentment, or joy. Moving towards you soul purpose, moving towards a better feeling place.

Totally different energy, right? When you move towards something that lights you up, instead of away from something that shuts your light down, you are infusing your forward motion with the energy and the momentum and enthusiasm of your personal YES.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a desire to move away from being a catalyst of change in our lives. But what if you turned it into a more proactive two step process instead?

  1. Step 1: Yikes! I’m really need to move away (get away) from x
  2. Step 2: What do I want instead? What do I want to move towards now that I have this desire to make a shift?

This style of decision making really changes the game. Moving towards decisions are infused with positive intention and a ton of energy. Which helps to pull you forward into your new vision! And it’s a great way to use the powerful universal Law Of Attraction to your positive benefit.

Moving towards is a bit like magic. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

What can you start moving towards today? I look forward to seeing you there.

In peace,

Dina Kennedy

Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives

p.s. – If you’d like some help getting clear on your “move towards”,  I do offer angel card readings & channeled messages by email, and 30 minute clarity setting phone sessions, both of which would help.


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