The General Wellness Program

The General Wellness Program


Are you looking for a powerful, energy based way to maintain your wellness?      


Would you like regularly scheduled Energy Rebalancing & Clearing, with all the benefits that brings?


Would you like quick access to me when something comes up in your life that you’d like an energy assessment of?


Would you like to feel steadier, happier, more contentment, more focus, or just simply better?


Would you like me “in your pocket”?


If so, The General Wellness Program may be just what you’ve been searching for.


Featuring two private 1 hour Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Sessions each month by phone or through video conference, plus up to four Email Access conversations per month, plus extra services as they call to me for your wellness, The General Wellness Program addresses your energy wellness needs in a steady, momentum building, life enhancing way.


And it keeps me close by your side.


The General Wellness Program is great because:

  • Energy gets stuck and tangled on a day to day basis, and stuck energy creates stress in the physical body, the energy, the emotions and the mind.
  • Regularly untangling and clearing that energy leads to improved wellness on all levels, body, mind, emotions, spirit, and energy.
  • Regular release and replenishment of the energy field improves and shifts your health on all levels, particularly when done consistently over time.
  • With The General Wellness Program you’ll be clearing and realigning your energy with me at least twice a month, every month, without fail AND
  • you’ll have email access to me to ask questions, to help understand the energy that’s getting tangled in your life, to have me help you read the energy of situations in the body or in your world as they are unfolding.
  • And, when I work with you through email, and through the extra services, additional Energy Clearing and Rebalancing happens.
  • And you feel better, on every level, and more able to deal with all that life is taking you through, and bringing to you.
  • Regularly clearing with a focus on General Wellness helps life go more smoothly.
  • The General Wellness Program is a significant statement to yourself that you matter.


What’s In The General Wellness Program?


There are three parts, or features, to The General Wellness Program, and they work synergistically to keep you feeling steady and clear on an ongoing and increasing basis.


Whether you are dealing with the stress of an illness, the stress of a job or business, the stress of family or relationships, or just the regular stress of life, these three elements will, together, get you untangled frequently and steadily, which will gradually reduce your stress levels and their effect on your body, mind, spirit, emotions, and energy.


The General Wellness Program says to your body, your mind, your spirit, your emotions, and your energy that Wellness Matters, and that you are making a commitment to and investment in YOU.


Feature 1:

Two 1-hour Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Sessions by phone or video conference each month


This is my signature work.


With this work, my goal is to untangle your energy system to allow the flow of clean, clear life force energy back into your body and into your life. This brings improved health, mental clarity, breathing space, deep relaxation, release of pain, and the return of hope.


I use a wide variety of tools on our calls including Reiki, breath work, soul retrieval, journey work, channeling, crystals, intuitive connection, spiritual coaching, oracle cards, angel connection, and so much more in these sessions. Whatever is called that day.


All sessions are tailored to you and your needs, and each session is a unique experience.


We start the session with a grounding meditation and an invocation to set the sacred space. This puts us into the same energy field so that I can easily read your energy, and pick up on messages from your body and your energy field during your session.


We then talk about what’s going on with you, and as we do so I untangle the energy as it presents to me – whether it’s mind, physical body, emotions, or spirit that’s calling for attention.


And the session flows from there. It’s never the same twice!


Having regularly scheduled Energy Clearing & Rebalancing appointments on your calendar begins to reduce stress and enhance wellness even before we begin! Life happens, of course, so these are subject to shifting if need be. But by scheduling these right away, and pre-planning for the entire run of sessions, you  are saying to your entire self that Wellness counts.


By the way, if you are going to be in town and want some of your sessions to take place in the office, we can certainly do that.


Feature 2:

Up to four Email Access Conversations each month


With up to four Email Access Conversations each month, you’ll have plenty of ways to reach out to me to help you untangle whatever is going on in your life that doesn’t need a full Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Session, but that you’d like some help with.


This might be something that’s confusing you, something you’d like me to do an energy assessment of, a question about your spiritual practice, your health, your wellness, a course of treatment, a relationships, really anything. Sometimes we just need to share with someone who’ll actually hear you without judgment, and I’m here for you through Email Access Conversation when that’s what you need.


As I read your email, I’ll be untangling energy automatically, and the response I write you will carry that clearing to you energetically.


It’s also a nice way for us to keep connected and to keep you on track with your wellness between the Energy Clearing & Rebalancing calls.


It’s a powerful reminder that I am there for you, as needed, during your The General Wellness Program.


Sometimes your email or your session may lead me to offer you one of the following extra services.


Feature 3:

Extra Services, unlimited


There are a few other ways I like to work with energy to help you come into balance and wellness, and I will be offering some or all of these to you as often as needed and as I am called to over the course of your The General Wellness Program.


Extra Services may include any or all over the following:

  • Distance Healing
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Channeled Messages
  • Links to videos
  • Personal meditation recordings
  • Crystals for your wellness
  • Grounding meditations or exercises
  • other new services that I may introduce during the course of your program


When I am called to offer one of these, based on our Energy Healing & Rebalancing Sessions or on our Email Access Conversations, it will be done with no additional charge but rather as a part of your The General Wellness program.


Because if that’s what the energy to enhance your wellness calls for, I want you to have it.


I’m not limiting or quantifying these extra services, but please be assured that they will be provided, as called for, requested, or needed.


Time Frame and Investment Options


The General Wellness Program is available to you as either a 6 Month or 12 Month Program.


The 6 Month General Wellness Program:

  • 12 One Hour Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Sessions by Phone or Video Conference over 6 months, scheduled right up front (that helps reduce stress).
  • up to 24 Email Access Conversations over the 6 months
  • unlimited extra services as I am called to offer them to you to enhance and support our work together and your wellness

Your All Inclusive Investment: $2,500  (full value is well over $3,000)

(yes, payment plans are available — if this program calls to you I want to be sure you can do it)


The 12 Month General Wellness Program:

  • 24 One Hour Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Sessions by Phone or Video Conference over 6 months, scheduled right up front (that helps reduce stress).
  • up to 48 Email Access Conversations over the 6 months
  • unlimited extra services as I am called to offer them to you to enhance and support our work together and your wellness

Your All Inclusive Investment:  $5,250 (full value is well over $6,000)

(yes, payment plans are available — if this program calls to you I want to be sure you can do it)


Ready to enroll? Have some questions about whether this is the right program for you? Want to talk to me for 20 minutes before enrolling? Let’s connect.

Please fill out this form with General Wellness in the header, thanks.

If it feels like this is the one, let’s make it work for you!


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