The Ripple Effect


The Ripple Effect

A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives blog post
Dina Kennedy

The whole world is made of energy.

And everything in it is energy and made of energy — everything. Nature, all physical matter (including you and the machine you are reading this on), your feelings and emotions, the things you smell and the smells themselves, the sounds you hear, and on and on.

Relationships are also energy. So are colors, and words.

I see the world and all that it contains as a huge web of Light, or as a gorgeous persian tapestry filled with colors and patterns that are constantly shifting.

That web or tapestry exists in this time space reality, but it’s also non-linear and it runs backwards and forwards in time and space, constantly shifting and realigning.

When I do energy healing work and channeling for and with you, I can and do tap into the web at any and all of these dimensions.

If you can follow me on this – if you will join me in imagining or seeing the web of tapestry – you will see that if even one thread in that tapestry, or web, is tugged, pulled, torn, or twisted, it pulls the all. If just one thread is changed, the entire tapestry is changed.

Just like with a spider web, or with your favorite handknit item or sweater.

Pull one thread, and everything gets tugged.

Because everything, all energy, is interwoven and interconnected.

Push against one thread, twist one thread, tangle one thread, straighten out one thread, and the entire weave moves.

So what’s “The Ripple Effect?” The Ripple Effect, as I call it, is this interconnected movement of the tapestry that happens when one thread is tugged.

It’s sometimes shown as the ripples that move out in the water when you drop in a stone.

And it’s something that’s happening with you, and with me, and with all of us constantly.

We often think our behaviors, our emotions, our actions or inactions are simply ours. We think that they are our personal decisions and that only affect us. Or, maybe, sometimes, we realize that they might affect our family and those close to us at most.

But when you see the world through the Ripple Effect paradigm, you start to understand that EVERY action or non action – every thought – every interaction with another – every belief – is actually affecting the entire tapestry and the whole web of the world.

Push or pull or break one thread, and the entire web moves and has to reconfigure.

Decide to move forward on something, and the web bulges as your thread pushed ahead.

Decide to withdraw from something, and your thread contracts, and the entire web pulls towards that constriction.

Everything we put energy into, or take energy away from, ripples the entire web. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Here’s a really concrete example: when you stop at the store for your morning coffee, if you say hello, or smile at the cashier, or get her to chuckle (or if you do this for your customer when you are the cashier), and she smiles back, there is a very good chance that the next person she encounters will get that positive energy ripple through a smile as well. And then that person passes the positive energy to the next person they encounter. And then that person passes it to the next person they encounter, and on and on.

And perhaps, at the end of that day, the person who received that ripple effect energy just before they got home smiles at their child, and makes that child’s day.

All that ripple of the web from one small tug on the weave.

You are always influencing the web as an individual, and can choose what energy to put into the weave at any moment in time.

It will always ripple the whole.

So, put a smile on your face right now, and let’s ripple the web together with a little positive energy!

Feels good, doesn’t it?

In peace,
Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
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