The Side Effects of Becoming Energetically Clean & Clear

The Side Effects of Becoming Energetically Clean & Clear


A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives Blog Post

Dina Kennedy,




Side effects? There are side effects of becoming energetically clean and clear?


You betcha!


Energy healing and rebalancing is all about coming back into your personal energetic balance, that space of clean and clear essence of YOU, without interference.


It’s a glorious place to move towards. As you progress along your energy healing path, you release all sorts of old holdings and constrictions that have kept you from being fully you.


These holdings and constrictions and energy tangles can be in any energetic layer:

the physical body (think aches and pains that won’t heal, mystery illnesses that the medical establishment can’t find a reason for, etc.),


the mental body (think mental patterns that you find yourself running over and over even when you “know” better, rigid belief systems, etc.),


the emotional body (think sudden backslides into anger or depression, etc.),


the spiritual body (think losing faith, feeling disconnected from spirit, etc.).


As we release and rebalance the energies within your energy field layers, you are beginning to access and to energetically align with your personal power and truth. Your Light is getting brighter.


And that’s where the side effects start to come into play.


When you become more YOU, things that don’t match your emerging and empowered vibration become more YUCK. And you have to decide what to do about that.


Things that you used to brush off or ignore may start to really irritate you (or they may stop bothering you at all, always a nice blessing in the work).


It’s not that they weren’t happening before, it’s just that they are now such a non match, vibrationally, that you really find them unacceptable or even intolerable.


This may be people’s words or actions (or inactions), getting clear that someone close to you is being less than truthful, realizing that people take advantage of you, allowing verbal abuse and hostility at home or on the job, etc.


Or maybe the intolerance for what used to be ok is about the physical. Maybe your eating style and food likes start to shift. Maybe you can’t stand clutter anymore. Maybe you realize that not recycling is not ok for YOU anymore, that you can’t stand the feeling of polyester, etc.


When you come into balance, things that are not in balance for you feel off.


As your vibration shifts into balance, only what matches your emerging essence of YOU will feel good.


It simply comes with the territory, and is part of shifting into balance on so many levels.


So what do can you do about this?


Well, first of all, being aware that this might be what’s going on for you is really important. It helps you start to sort out what is really going on and why something or someone may need to be shed, released, moved away from.


Second, keep doing the work. When it gets uncomfortable, when the discomfort and dislike get loud, you can rest assured that you are shifting!! I promise you this. The louder the discomfort gets, the closer you are to completing an energetic shift into a new, healthier, brighter vibration.


I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this in my clients, students, and my own journey.


Third, keep your sense of humor, and breathe.


This too shall pass.


Once you are into the next phase of your growth you’ll see the gifts that these uncomfortable awarenesses brought with them. Stick it out – keep going forward – it is so worth the effort. Life gets better when we get energetically clean and clear.


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