The Top 5 Reasons Clients Tell Me They Don’t Have a Business Plan — are you in here?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons clients tell me they don’t have a business plan:

1. I’m too busy! I don’t have time to do planning work on top of everything else.

2. I’m intuitive. I just know what to do next. I’m in the flow.

3. Planning doesn’t work. I can’t stick to it, and things always come up that aren’t in the plan anyway.

4. I don’t know how to do a business plan and it feels really overwhelming and scary, because I’m not a business person. I never learned this..

5. I can’t turn my dreams and my vision into my reality. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, and let the dream go.


Well guess what.


Business plans DO work. When they are done well.


A good business plan is reasonable, achievable, focused, intentional, energized, and takes you step by step by step ever closer to creating and having the business of your dreams.


Let me repeat that — a good plan is reasonable, achievable, focused, intentional and energized.


A business plan is a road map.


It lays out the priorities and the action steps you need and want to take to always keep moving towards your Vision and your dreams becoming your reality.


When you have a plan that will align the energy of your Vision and your dreams with the energy of your business, magic happens!

  • Being too busy for planning won’t get you there.
  • Being intuitive and flying by the seat of your pants won’t get you there.
  • Not having a plan you can stick to, one which helps you deal with distractions, won’t get you there.
  • Not knowing how to make a plan won’t get you there.
  • Not having a plan because you’re giving up on your dreams and your vision turning into the reality of your business won’t get you there.

Vision Based Business Planning will.


And I want to teach you how to do it. It’s what I use and it works.


Need proof? Well, you’re reading this, aren’t you? Designing this course for you, and writing this email for you, and sending it to you today, are all actions that came directly from my Vision Based Business Plan!


I’ve been working with business plans for almost 40 years now, for all sorts of businesses large, small, start up, established, solo practitioner, direct sales, not for profits, you name it. I know what makes a plan work. I am so good at untangling the energy of plans that at one company I worked for the president of the firm put me in charge of examining and challenging/untangling/improving every business plan written for every division, domestic and international, for the whole company!


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This Course begins Tuesday January 2nd.


You’ll receive 6 recorded modules, be invited to join an interactive facebook group where we’ll work on our plans together and I’ll help you, and be able to participate in a live group call with me at the end.


Why not move into 2019 taking your business where you’ve always wanted it to be?


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Permission to Succeed?


You bet!


See you there.


In peace,


Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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