Three-For-You Program

The Three-For-You Program


Are you ready to shift? Are you ready to get unstuck? Are you ready to get serious about moving into your better life? Are you wondering whether it’s time to work with me one-on-one?

Then the Three-For-You (3-4-U) Program may be just what you are looking for.

3-4-U is a six week package of three sessions done three ways, plus unlimited email support, designed to facilitate your healing and shifting.

It can be done completely by phone with no office visit required, or as a combination of one office visit and two phone sessions.

3-4-U is a perfect way to dive in and see if we are meant to be working together to bring you energy healing and realignment, balance, flow, joy, and hope.

It’s a great way to see how energy healing and spiritual growth coaching can shift your life.

And, the 3-4-U also gives you a chance to see which of my services suits you best.

Whether we’ve worked together before, or you’re just getting ready to begin, the 3-4-U is worth considering.

What’s so great about the 3-4-U?

I know you’re busy, and I know you want results.

The 3-4-U three sessions in six weeks framework will give you just that!

We connect energetically and stay connected during the 6 weeks your program lasts, so that we can really focus on the issue that are most present in your life at this time.

Think of it as a healing and growth intensive.

With the 3-4-U we get and stay focused on those things which are most throwing you off balance – by either their presence, their absence, or the fact that they are needing to be surfaced for healing and clearing.

And when we do that, shifts happen and life gets better.

You know that you get tangled and stuck when your energy isn’t cleared and rebalanced on a regular basis, and that this throws everything off and makes life challenging.

And you know that when you take care of your energetic alignment, you feel so much better and life is smoother and easier.

The 3-4-U is a great way to get started, or to pick up where you’ve left off.

If you are ready to work with someone who can hear beneath the surface of your life and your words to the energy at play, someone who can then surface and clear and realign that energy to bring you back to balance, someone who unconditionally supports your in becoming your full self, keep reading.

The 3-4-U includes:

One Full Session by phone or in the office PLUS

One 30 Minute Phone Session PLUS

One “Choose One” choice – which is your choice of EITHER an additional 30 Minute Phone Session OR One Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message delivered via email

PLUS you’ll have unlimited access to me, via email, for questions during the full 6 weeks!


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Need more details? Keep reading!

The Full Session by Phone or in the Office:

During your first session, we will set the intention for our 3-4-U time together, I’ll lead you through an energy check in, and then we start clearing and untangling the blocks, tangles and holdings in your energy field.

These blocks are in all of us, including you, whether you know they are there or whether they are lingering under the surface without your awareness or recognition. Getting tangled in, and constricting then holding energy are simply part of being human.

However, these energy blocks, tangles, and constrictions are likely affecting you on many levels – mind, body, spirit, emotions. They are also having an impact on everything that’s unfolding in your life — from relationships, to the embedded beliefs that run your decision making, from what you eat, to the people who appear in and disappear from your life, from your entertainment and reading choices, to your self care, and more.

Getting your energy untangled, cleared and realigned regularly shifts it all, re-engages you with your Light, and gets you breathing again. The release, relief and clarity that can arise from this work is, quite simply, life shifting.


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The 30 Minute Phone Session:

The second session in the 3-4-U is your 30 Minute Phone Session.

Again we will begin with an energy check in and untangling. Then, for the rest of your call we’ll be focusing on your most pressing issue, your biggest worry or area of concern, the thing that is weighing you down and keeping you stuck right at that time.

We’ll be diving into the energy of this area of concern/issue to get you untangled, and to begin to release and realign the vibrations around whatever it is that is going on. This will let you begin to move away from this area of concern, perhaps releasing it completely, as we get you detached from its energy and into your Light and toward that place and feeling you’d rather be carrying and unfolding in your life.

The 30 Minute Phone session is powerful work indeed!


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The Choose One (your choice of either a 2nd 30 Minute Phone Session OR One Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message via email session):

The third session in your 3-4-U is your choice of EITHER a second 30 Minute Phone Session OR One Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message delivered via email.

I’ve described the 30 Minute Phone Session above, and this 2nd one would follow the same framework.

For the Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message via email, you will be sending me an email with the questions/area of concern you are seeking angelic and spiritual guidance on. Or maybe you just want to ask: Angels, what do you want me to know? (always a great question since they see you and what is going on in your life from a totally different perspective than we humans do).

I pose your questions/area of concerns to the angels and spirit guides, and they direct me to the oracle card deck they’d like me to work with for your message. The cards I pull act as a portal to channeling, and open the door to my receiving your messages.

As I step through that portal on your behalf, I receive and bring through information, specific to you and based on your questions, from the angelic realm, your angels and guides, and from the spirits that work with me and through me (all are of the highest, purest, most love-filled energy vibration imaginable).

I write what I hear as the portal opens (it’s like taking dictation for me) into an email, which is only edited for spelling, and when they are complete, I send it off to you. The messages are loving, high vibrational, and very, very helpful. Sometimes the  messages are truly transformational.

I know channeled messages aren’t for everyone, and that is perfectly fine. That’s why I’ve given you the choice between a 2nd 30 Minute Phone Session OR an Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for this 3rd component. Because hey – the 3-4-U? It’s all about you!


Unlimited Email Access to Me:

During the course of your 3-4-U you will also have unlimited email access to me for your questions and sharing. Anything goes! I will be answering any email you send within 24 hours of receipt (unless I’m offline). Please note, this does not include texting or private messaging, just good old fashioned email.

I love to hear what you are up to as the work unfolds, so don’t think you’ll need to use this feature sparingly. I want you to feel and to know you are supported as you shift.


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A little bit more about the 3-4-U:

This is Sacred Work!

I am very spirit guided as I work with you, and tap into all of my skills, my many trainings, my almost 20 years of client work, my guides, my ability to read the energy that is always running beneath the surface of everything and everyone, including you, and my intuition as each session unfolds. No two sessions are ever alike.

During the 3-4-U you’ll be given some tools for releasing energy and entanglements on your own in between sessions. You may also be given some viewing, reading, or homework assignments (nothing overwhelming!), depending on what Spirit surfaces for me on your behalf during the session.

It is a process, this kind of shifting, which is why this minimum commitment of 3 sessions is required to work together with me. You are working through layers of a lifetime here, and each session builds on the one before when we work together often and regularly.

This is a joyful, life shifting and powerful journey you are beginning. I can’t wait to be your guide, energy healer and spiritual growth coach.



$575  249 **

** this Special Rate expires May 31, 2017

Payment is required in full before we begin, thank you.

Ready to shift some energy, and to shift your life?

Let’s get started!


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