Video Q & A!

Video Q & A for 1.13.16

Brain dump, what feels best, when to use the Quick Clear Clap It Clear!



Video Q & A for 12.30.2015

Using Reiki to release the old year, and to energize your intentions for the new one. How to do this if you are alone with your Reiki attuned self, or with a small group of folks who are not Reiki attuned. I think you’ll like this one no matter if you are a Reiki pracitioner or not!


Video Q & A for 12.23.2015

Got holiday stress? Need help staying present when working on your Reiki clients? Then you are going to love today’s Video Q & A!


Video Q & A for `12.2.2015

One question, pretty deep, one answer, pretty meaty. Check it out:


Video Q & A for Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This week we have 4 great questions! Energy and the cold weather. Can I learn Reiki over the internet. How do I get started again with my Reiki. What do you think about the soul living more than one lifetime simultaneously. Awesome sauce.

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