Vision Based Business Planning

Are You Ready to Turn Your
Vision into Your Reality?

Are You Ready for Business Planning that Works?

a Permission to Succeed training
with Dina Kennedy, Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

As heart centered entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world, we can get overloaded and overwhelmed by everything that we want or need to do in, with, and for our businesses and our customers.

Wouldn't it be magical to have a real business plan that actually moves you TOWARDS your Vision becoming your Reality, day by day, task by task, win by win, customer by customer?

A real plan that clearly shows you how to decide on the priorities among everything that wants your attention monthly, weekly, daily?

A plan that helps you clearly know what can be shelved, and held for later or let go of altogether?

A plan that always keeps you focused on and true to your vision when all sorts of other things keep getting in the way?

Welcome to Vision Based Business Planning with me, Dina Kennedy, Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy.

This is planning that's energetically aligned with you, with your vision, and with your dream becoming reality.

This is planning that moves your vision and your business forward,.

Planning that has you working your business on a day to day basis, without overload and burnout.

With Vision Based Business Planning you always know the next best step to take.


I know, I know -- many entrepreneurs simply roll their eyes when the word "planning "come into the conversation. We're creatives! We go with the flow.

But here's the deal.

If you are in business, you need a plan. Or else you're just flying by the seat of your pants!

Deliberate aligned actions that line up with and move you towards your Vision becoming your reality require plans! It's just simply the truth.

My planning process is definitely different and more energetically based than any other planning I've ever tried. I love it. It works, it inspires me, it lights me up, and I see tangible movement towards my vision becoming my reality day by day, week by week, month by month, quarter by quarter, year by year.

And I see the same happening with others who've been through this training, and who are now working this way.

Welcome to Vision Based Business Planning.

Ready to join the fun?

In this 2 week Vision Based Business Planning Course you will go from...

... constantly having reactive work days and work time, driven by whatever pops up next, whatever catches your attention, whatever you forgot to do yesterday (or last week), and a sense of never quite catching up to yourself...


... having a reasonable, achievable, workable and proactive Vision Base Business Plan that is always moving you towards your vision, step by step, month by month, week by week...


... simply participating fully in and doing the processes and simple steps I'll be sharing with you in the 6 modules and one Live Group Call of this 2 week course.

That's it! You'll end this course with your own personal Vision Based Business Plan that will show you your path forward towards your vision becoming your reality in a practical, workable, usable way.

You'll receive one video and one module every two days, a nice steady pace that will let you progress comfortably through the sessions.

This Course is great because it will take you from spinning, unclear, frustrated, and doing the "wrong" things (or doing nothing) to having clear, aligned, focused, and doable actions to take, every day, to keep you moving right along, no matter what life or your business throws at you.

Your Vision Based Business Plan is your road map to take you from Vision to Action to Success.

Here's what people have to say about this course:

"I love your approach and the way you work."

"I love how you lead us step by step through this process."

"Amazing process. So much clarity, thank you!"

So, what's in this Course?

You will receive 6 not overwhelming video modules over the first 12 days of the 2 week course


you'll be invited to participate in a Member's Only Interactive facebook Group with me where you can share, ask questions, show your progress, feel supported, encouraged, and accountable to yourself (which will help you get it done)


you'll be invited to a LIVE Interactive Video Call with me a few days after the final module (yes it will be recorded) where I'll answer all your questions about whatever has come up for you during the course plus more!

Reminder: You'll receive one video and one module every two days, a nice steady pace that will let you progress comfortably through the sessions.

Ready to sign up? Just scroll on down and fill in the SIGN ME UP box!

Here's a bit more about the modules:

  • Module 1. Brain Clear, Part 1, getting it all out of your head and creating some space (you'll need paper and pen or markers for this -- I love to use those huge sticky notes you can hang on the wall, and colored markers)

  • Module 2: Brain Clear, Part 2, getting it all sorted and taking stock

  • Module 3: part a: Vision Clarity Guided Meditation. part b: Finding the top priorities for the next 6 - 12 months

  • Module 4: Chunk It Down. Converting priorities into energy and action steps

  • Module 5: The Power of 3 and The Plan. Annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and, dare I say it, daily.

  • Module 6: Building in Rest. It's part of the plan!

Pretty awesome, right? This process works! Can't wait for you to get started!

Investment: $187 USD

All recordings will remain available to you to revisit whenever you are ready to do your next round of planning, so that you will always be moving towards matching the energy of your business with the energy of your dreams and vision.

Permission to Succeed?

You bet!

Ready to get started?

WHEN: Vision Based Business Planning begins Saturday January 5, with the

release of Module 1.

I'll open the facebook group a couple of days before we start.

WHERE: Once you register, I'll supply the details!

TIME:  I've spaced the Modules 2 days apart (one is 3 days) to give you time enough to do each module while maintaining momentum.


RECORDING! Yes, you will continue to have access to the recordings after the course finishes (but the facebook group will be closed).

I look forward to seeing you there!

in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority

for Untangling Energy

Shifting Energy, Lives & Businesses daily 



begins Saturday January 5!

two weeks, 6 modules

plus interactive facebook group,

and live group call at the end!