When Backsliding Is A Cause For Celebration!

When Backsliding is a Cause for Celebration!

A Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives Blog post

by Dina Kennedy www.dinakennedy.com



Backsliding is a cause for celebration? What the heck is she talking about now?

Well, in all my many years of working with hundreds of clients in thousands of sessions, one thing that is absolutely consistent is that “backsliding” – reverting to old habits and old ways of thinking that you thought you’d moved on from – happens as we go deeper into the work. And in this work, that’s a cause for celebration!

How so?

With energy work and mindset shifting, you are, quite literally, reprogramming yourself energetically.  You are releasing many of the old habitual vibrational patterns that run your life – that cause your actions and your reactions.

When you start to grow and shift into your Light, into your power, into your true self, you are changing the energy pattern (the energy wave) you emit into the world.

And your world starts to change.

You start to attract different things and different people into your experience that now match your new, emerging vibration.

You start to experience a different personal reality.

And the faster and deeper you change, the more likely it is that one day you’ll start to backslide. You may not catch it at first, but then suddenly one day you notice you are doing all those “bad things” you don’t want to be doing or living anymore and you think – OMG – I thought I was DONE with this!

Well YAY!!

That’s when we celebrate! Why? Because the closer you are to being permanently shifted, the harder that old vibration you are letting go of struggles to hold on!

If the old vibration can get you to go backwards, it wins. It keeps you where you were, and it stays alive in your energy

When the old patterns start really creating a ruckus and derail the new you you’ve been working so hard to become, it means you are THIS CLOSE (holding my thumb and index finger a little smidge apart here to show you how close), THIS close, oh so very close, unbelievably close, to your breakthrough.

The louder the backslide is, the harder the old works to derail you, the closer you are to your shift.

Isn’t that wild?

Here’s a quick example.

I’ve been working with the affirmation: “I make healthy choices” for about 8 weeks. At first, this was tremendously shifting for me.

It helped me see patterns that I hadn’t been aware of, it’s helped me make some big changes, it’s rippled into many areas of my life.

But that last 2 weeks I’ve been backsliding in one area. Even though I am still making more healthy choices that before, I’ve also started making some awful choices – not at all what I’ve wanted to shift to.

And I haven’t been able to stop it.

Last night I finally caught that I’m in the good old backsliding energy! The old pattern and vibration is desperately attempting to derail me.


That means I am really truly close to fully embodying, energetically, the new vibration I’ve been shifting into. I’m this close to actually living with making healthy choices as my dominant vibrational reality! And now I just need to be patient, kind to myself, and really aware of and present to my thoughts and actions in regards to making healthy choices..

The backslide has been incredibly strong and perplexing, which means the breakthrough is imminent.

I know this is true! All I need is to hold the new vibration 51% of the time (yes fifty one – the majority), and I’m there (at 51% the momentum is to the new vibration).

Isn’t that wild?

When you start to look at your world in terms of vibrations and energy, you really do begin to see the patterns and the possibilities of shifting.

We can shift anything. Sometimes we can do it alone, sometimes we need help or support, but it’s all possible.

The key is to think in terms of energy, and to get aware.

So, my friend. Where can you see that you’ve been backsliding? What are you beating yourself up about for reverting to? What do you want to move towards instead?

Get out that champagne, and get back on track now.

You are almost there.

And if you need help? Remember that I’m only a phone or office session away.

Keep up the good shift!


In peace,



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