Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Week of 4/10

Here is your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week of 4/10. As always, I asked the angels to please give me a clean and clear reading for you, my clients, students, and followers.
For today’s reading the angels took me to the wonderful Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, 2 card pull.
Ohhhh lovely. Into the category of “you can’t make this stuff up” your first card, on this, the day of the full moon, is MOON CYCLES. The message on the card is from Archangel Haniel and it says: “Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon those cycles.
The second card is CRYSTAL CLEAR INTENTIONS. The message on this card is Archangel Michael saying: “Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith.
These cards are a unified message from the angels for you today – they are so tightly linked in this message that I am going to merge their meanings together, a different kind of reading for you from me.
Full moon time is a wonderful time for healing and recharging – and that’s why it’s a great time to put your crystals and stones in the window. But do you ever put you in that window? Do you take a full moon “bath” and let that energy clear and recharge you?
The full moon is the time to release, to let go of things that no longer serve you, things you are done with.
The new moon is the time of manifesting, of energizing the creations you’ll be birthing in the next moon cycle.
The key to working effectively with the moon energy for both release (full moon, today’s energy) and manifesting (new moon – next one is 4/26) is, you guessed it, Crystal Clear Intentions!
There are many ritual you can adopt to work with moon energies – and they all rely on the power of intention.
So — what do you want to release today? Take advantage of this energy, and let it go. Remember to let that out with a big breath of release, and a shaking out of your body too.
The angels are also asking that you begin noticing, just out of curiosity, how your energy waxes and wanes as the moon moves through its cycles. There are optimal energy times, and optimal rest time for you in the patterns.
The angels suggest, dear one, that you begin to learn how to use those energies to your advantage.
You are so loved. Remember – your angels are always right there for you just waiting for you to call them in!
And with that we are complete.
Please feel free to share this reading -with anyone else who may benefit from it thank you.
Until the next time,
Dina Kennedy
Shifting Energy & Shifting Lives
p.s. Here’s a new review of the personal readings you can now enjoy in “Angels In Your Inbox”:
“Uncanny how the cards can answer, maybe not directly, but in a way I can draw some conclusions.
Thanks, Dina. you are great!”
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