Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Week of 5/1

Here is your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week of May 1. As always, I asked the angels to please give me a clean and clear reading for you, my clients, students, and followers.
Today they took me to the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, the first deck I fell in love with <3 1 card pull.
The message for this week is ACCEPTANCE. The invocation/prayer on the card for you to work with this week is: “Dear God and Archangel Raphael, please help me accept that everything is going in the right direction.”
Well. Need I say more? I hardly think so, but they tell me there’s a bit more so away we go.
Everything, yes every . single . thing, is going in the right direction and is in right order.
With this card, Archangel Raphael and all the angels are asking us to trust the Universe, to have faith that our prayers are heard and answered (although not always in the way we expect), that everything is moving along as it should be and needs to be.
This is a card of allowing the unfolding to happen, and a card of knowing that it will.
Keep your eye on the vision, and let the Universe and the angels take care of the unfolding.
All is in perfect right order, yes, even (or maybe especially), that which we are most struggling against.
It is a time of great shifting beloved ones, say the angels. Find the flow, breathe a little more, and simply accept and allow now.
If you can do this even for just 5-10 minutes a day you will feel so much better!
And remember – call on the angels to help you whenever you need them – they are right there, ready, willing, and able!
You are so loved.
And with that, we are complete.
Until the next time,
Dina Kennedy
Shifting Energy & Shifting Live
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