Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Week of 7/31

For today’s reading the angels took me right to the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen & Grant Virtue, 1 card pull.
Wow. I didn’t expect this one – and what a fabulous and powerful message for us all!
The card for this week’s work is SEVER VOWS OF POVERTY. The message on this beautiful card is: “Dear One, there’s no need to suffer or sacrifice. Hold the intention of undoing any vows of poverty or self-denial that you may have made, consciously or unconsciously, in any lifetime. As you do so, all effects of these vows will be undone for everyone involved in all directions of time.”
One of the ways we take a vow of poverty, or a vow of limitation, is with out tribal vows made this lifetime. We often accept that to be part of our tribe, whether that is birth tribe (aka family) or self selected tribe (aka friends, gang, neighbors) we need to keep ourselves financially on the same playing field, and in the same band of receiving as the other members of the tribe. It’s a contract we may sign in the unconscious, and it can be a powerful energy indeed.
It is this type of vow or limitation which the angels would like you to focus on with this reading.
With this card the angels are suggesting that it is time for you to become aware of these limitations on receiving, and to release them at long last, with gratitude and with joy, say the angels.
Please call upon the angels for help with this, they say. A ritual of release may be of great benefit here, dear one, they say. Please do use these words which Spirit just gave to me to share with you: “I release all vows of limitation from this lifetime and any other lifetime now, and I open fully to receive, without limitations and in joy thank you.”
Wow! Did you feel the energy in that as you said it aloud? Very powerful incantation here, thank you angels.
I am hearing that it would be good to write that down, and to repeat it aloud once a day for at least 3-5 days.
And with that we are complete! You are so loved.
In peace,
Dina Kennedy
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