Your Angel Card Reading for 5/14 – 5/15

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Here is your Angel Card Reading for 5/14 – 5/15! I asked the angels: what do my clients, students, and followers need to know?

The response came from the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Remember – next Saturday is my “Messages From Your Angels” workshop from 10:00 – 2:00, where you’ll start learning how to work with your own angel cards, and with automatic writing for messages! I’ll have cards available for purchase at the workshop. PM me to register it’s $65 (plus cost of cards).

Back to the reading! 2 cards and one angel messenger jumped out of the deck for you today.

Both messages come to you from Archangel Haniel. AA Haniel is about the glory of God, and she’ll help you nurture and ignite and recognize that flame of the Divine within each and every one of you.

The first card is PASSION: “Trust and follow your renewed passion.” This can mean love life passion but also soul purpose passion which feel stronger in the reading to me today.

AA Haniel ask: What is pulling you? Where do you feel a spark, a light, an attraction beginning to grow? You’ve been asking for happiness and clear direction. AA Haniel says she’s lit that spark – look for it – you’ll know it when you see/feel/begin to know with clarity and certainty just what it is that is making your heart sing, that’s pulling you like a magnet, that thinking of sparks joy in you.

This knowing” is telling you that this IS the right next step for you. Begin to allow yourself to move a step or two in that direction. And please know – as long as you are in motion, you can be course corrected by the angels! It’s when we freeze that it’s harder for them to help us move ahead towards our joy and our passions.

The second card, and I believe they are strongly connected today, is SENSITIVITY: “You are extra sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Honor yourself and your feelings.”

Contrary to societal belief, being sensitive is actually ok. Often it means we are intuitive, and that we are getting a lot of information from our “gut,” and that we are particularly adept at reading energies around us! If you are feeling emotional this weekend, perhaps overwhelmed, unexpectedly angry, crying or frustrated, AA Haniel asks you to please do these 3 things:

1. Get outside in nature and just breathe. Walk or run if you feel you need to move, but please do so without distraction such a music this time, so that nature can reach out to you with loving arms to clear, cleanse, and help you release and rebalance.

2. Know that strong difficult emotions and extra sensitivity may be telling you that you are ignoring intuitive messages. What are you pushing aside? What gut feelings are you over-riding? Be gentle as you explore this – don’t beat yourself up as the answer(s) surface – it’s ok. It’s how we survive at times.

and then. once #2 starts to bubble up,

3. Turn your worries over to the angels, and if you’d like, to Archangel Haniel specifically. She’s big enough to help all of us at once! You can also ask for more guidance, and for a sign, that you are not alone.

And then breathe. All is in perfect right order, you are a beloved child of the Universe and you are indeed, a part of the Divine and a part of the whole.

You are so loved.

Blessings to you,

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