Your Angel Card Reading for April 9 -10

Here is your Angel Card Reading for the weekend of April 9 – 10!

I asked the question: what do the people who follow this page need to be aware of, take care of, and know today? The answer came from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.

I thought I was pulling one card, but these two jumped together out of the deck and into my hand! We have BE POSITIVE, and RAISE YOUR VIBRATION! Wow, do those come together amazingly well! What a weekend we have in store IF and WHEN we do these two things!!

BE POSITIVE reminds us that our thoughts shape our experiences. What we focus on we attract to us. So choose to shift your focus to the positive now, and call in what you want! Stop focusing on the negative, and on the things that aren’t going the way you’d wish. Ask the angels for help switching to positive thoughts, if this seems overwhelming. And keep putting your positive thoughts out there. Notice where your mind goes, and pull it back to the positive, over and over. Let it be playful and easy, say the angels this morning.

What happens when we focus on the positive and learn to stay in that positive energy? We RAISE OUR VIBRATION. Which opens us up to even more blessings in our life, and more to be positive about! Positive thoughts have a lighter, more peaceful, quicker and jazzier vibration than the heavier non positive thoughts do. They really do “lift us up”, fill us with light and joy, and raise our vibration! This also makes it easier to talk with and to receive messages from your angels and spirit guides, by the way. No downside here!

So how to get positive and raise your vibration? It’s circle! Focus on the positive, list the things you are grateful for, large and small, every day, laugh, get out in nature even for just a minute or two, smile. Vibration naturally rises, and then it attracts even more positive to you. Round and round we go.

Enjoy. Many blessings to you!
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