Your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Angel Message for June 4 – 5!

healing family issueslet go of control issue

Here’s your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the weekend of 6/4 – 6/5! I asked that the angels give me a message for my clients, students, and followers.

They took me right to the Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue today, and suggested a single card spread . Let’s see what it is!

well, it’s actually 2 cards haha – they jumped out of the deck together.

The first card is HEALING FAMILY ISSUES and the message is “Your love life benefits as you forgive your parents.”

With this card the angels are letting you know that non forgiveness is somehow keeping you stuck, keeping your heart less than whole. The angels would like to see you forgive your parents – and are right here, right now, just hoping you will ask them to help you with this!

In energy work forgiveness is never about condoning another person’s actions. Rather, it is about cutting the energy cords between the two of you. Until you slice those cords, you will always have their energy embedded in your system. Who wants that! Yikes! Wouldn’t you rather have your energy field be clean and clear of past actions of others that are hard to forgive?

Please call upon the angels to help you with this. I know it’s not easy. Archangel Michael is particularly good at this kind of cord cutting and forgiveness release. This is also something we can do in a phone or office session, if you would like to be guided through this process.

The second card is LET GO OF CONTROL ISSUES, and the message is “Allow this situation to unfold naturally.”

What an interesting card – I’ve never pulled this one before! This card has a very curious image with the mother and child clearly separating and pulling away from the man. There are 3 angels behind the 3 humans in the image. Nobody in this painting looks very happy!

I believe this card is asking you to feel your feelings, and to trust them. To allow your intuition to guide you in this situation, not to try to figure it out with the mind. It appears that the angels are letting us know that you can ask everyone’s guardian angel – in this case 3 angels for 3 people – to be present and of assistance in whatever situation is unfolding.

I also sense that this card is letting us know that the time for separation may be upon you — but figure this out through your emotions and your intuitive, gut feelings. Put the brain to the side. And please, please call in all the guardian angels to help the situation unfold in the highest way possible, and for the highest good of each person, adult or child, involved.That will bring you a much brighter, lighter, more love filled resolution.

And that’s it for now – we are complete.

Until next time, peace to you,
Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority on Untangling Energy

and p.s. – I am available for your personalized reading/channeled message, delivered by email in answer to your questions and pressing concerns

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