Your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for July 16 weekend

beloved one

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the weekend of July 16. I asked the angels to please share a message with me for all of you, my clients, students, followers and fans. It’s always an interesting adventure doing a reading for the collective!

I “hear” that it’s the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue today, 2 card pull. Here we go.

Card 1 is BELOVED ONE with Archangel Chamuel. The card message is “I am helping you with your spiritual soulmate relationship.” This is not the first time this card has jumped out for all of us as one! Not at all!!!

Please note that this card is about a SPIRITUAL soulmate. This may mean a partner, but this may also mean a teacher, a spiritual guide, a partner in learning and exploring a new aspect of your spiritual path – whoever it is, it’s a full on “click” of a relationship that has either recently arrived, or is arriving the angels tell me. I also hear that it may be a bit uncomfortable as this person will poke and prod you out of your comfort zone and into your alignment (and vice versa! 🙂 )

With this card, Archangel Chamuel is also asking you to please check in on your relationship with yourself. You are your #1 spiritual soulmate relationship, and perhaps, dear one, it’s time to admit and honor this?

passion AA Haniel

Card 2 is PASSION, another repeat for us as a group! Here we have Archangel Haniel, and the card message is “Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career.”

With this card the angels are calling us to be im-passioned about our lives, to embrace or re-embrace our passion in our love life and/or in our career and our life path, as that will move us back into our hearts and our joy and our LIGHT.

Sometimes, as we struggle in life, we lose sight of the passion that took us to where we are now. And we don’t know how to get it back. If this is you, one lovely way to reconnect with your passion is to sit quietly, eyes closed, and remember back to when you last felt passionate about something. What did that feel like in your mind, body, spirit and emotions? Allow yourself to feel the feelings of passion again on all levels as you sit. Once you sense it again, simply say angels and my self – please bring me more of this. THIS is what I want to feel more of in my life. Thank you in advance.

And then let that go.

As you do this wonderful meditation to reconnect to what passion is for you, you will begin to shift your energy back to a vibration able to match and hold the energy of passion. Which will in turn begin to attract things you will feel passionate about into your life. Seems worth the doing, doesn’t it?

And with that we are complete. You are so loved, and the angels and I are wishing you a bountiful day <3

Until the next time,

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