Your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the Week of 10/24!

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of 10/24. It’s a time of heightened sensitivity just now, so please be sure to practice a little extra self care, drink a little extra water, and breathe as the week unfoldsā™„

As always, I asked the angels for a clean and clear message today for you, my clients, students, and followers.

Your message is coming through a new deck (new to me) today – Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue, 2 card pull. If you are a butterfly person you will love these images!

Card 1 is FINANCES. With this card the angels are asking that you begin to pay more attention to your daily financial ins and outs, that you give your money some loving attention so that it will have the opportunity to love you back.

This card often comes when there is going to be a change in the financial situation, usually for the better! Energy follows intention, so do please assume the positive here and energize that positive magnetic resonance, dear ones.

This is a good time to add to your income, the angels tell me, asking for a raise perhaps, selling some things that no longer serve you, perhaps taking a side job to lift your self into the debt free zone.

And yes, this card is also about holiday spending. The angels tell me that if you start budgeting and setting aside money now you can end the holidays without adding to your debt! Be positive and thoughtful. And remember to call upon the angels for support and help as you shift your financial situation. They are right there waiting!

Card 2 is CHANGING YOUR MIND, and, as often happens with these readings/channelings I do for you, these cards are tightly linked today.

First of all though, the angels tell me, this card is here to assure you that it’s ok to change your mind, and to change it again, and then again! Each time you change your mind you are doing so because you have more information or a different vibration or set of emotions than before. It’s a never ending cycle as we upshift and “season” (their word what a funny one!). So something that seemed right yesterday might not seem right today. That’s ok! You aren’t the same person in the same vibration as you were yesterday! Perfection is not a requirement any more, beloved.

So how does this tie to FINANCES? Perhaps you recently made a purchase and now regret that. Return it! Perhaps you’ve started spending money on something that you wish you weren’t spending on. Cancel it! There is nothing wrong with changing your mind around your finances as you shift and grow. Some things that were a financial “fit” aren’t any longer. Thank them for being here, for the value and lessons they brought you, and then let them go.

It’s ok to change your mind. And if you need courage and support to carry through with the actions you are getting the feeling you need to take, call on those angels to help you! They are right there for you, as always, and are ready, willing, and able to help you now.

And with that we are complete. You are so loved.

Until the next time,
Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
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