Your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of 1/16

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of 1/16. As always, I asked the angels to please give me a clean and clear reading for you, my clients, students and followers.
Today they took me right to the wonderful Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, one card pull.
mmm nice. The card that leapt out for you is CALL UPON ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL FOR HELP. Can you say: turn it over to the angels?
The prayer/invocation on this card is: “Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask for your healing help with [describe your situation]. Thank you for your Divine healing intervention.”
Now healing can be asked for on any level and for anything yes? Archangel Raphael wants to be sure that you really understand and accept this. Relationships. Money worries. Confusion. Low energy. Health. Stress. Illness. Car worries. Food worries. Planetary issues. Personal issues. It’s all ok to turn over and to ask the angels to help heal!
But here’s the catch – you actually have to ASK for angels to step in and intervene. Without the ask, they are not stepping in.
So start asking, right now! Try on that invocation and see how it feels. If you like it, write it down somewhere where you will remember to use it, dear one. And it’s ok to ask a million times a day – really!
No more waiting, he says. The time for healing requests is NOW. The time to ask is TODAY.
Wow. He’s rather forceful today! Thank you, Archangel Raphael. We hear you loud and clear.
And with that, we are complete.
With deep peace and gratitude,
Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
call upon aa raphael

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