Your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of 8/15

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message the week beginning 8/15. As always, I asked the angels for a message for my clients, students, and followers, with gratitude.

This reading is from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, 1 card pull. A 2nd card jumped out with the 1st one and is included in the reading (jumpers are important!).

Oh I laughed when I “got it” for this first card!

Ready? Card 1 is TRAVEL: “Your life purpose involves traveling.”

Let’s start with the obvious – if you’ve been considering a job that you feel is a part of your life purpose and your soul path — and this job requires travel — the answer is YES! Do it!

If you are getting ready to retire, or have retired, and feel deep inside that this will be your time to begin traveling, whether by plane, train, bike, auto, or r.v — the answer is YES! Plan to do this and do it! It’s part of your life purpose when it is a strong pull that resonates with your heart.

But here’s why this card made me laugh. We, the entire planet, the universe, all of us every single being, are currently transforming into a different energetic vibration and we are being pushed really hard this year to shed the old limiting beliefs, old limiting situations, old limiting relationships, old limiting habits once and for all.

Why? To go higher and to hold a more light filled vibration so that we can walk within our soul purpose, our life path, with a knowing a joy, and with great determination.

Talk about life purpose involving travel!!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I have traveled lifetimes already this year. Explosive growth, massive releasing, lots of times when I feel like I am in a free fall with little or no grounding. Because the old grounding that was so familiar has also shifted and isn’t there for us to sink into once it’s been let go of. We’re in a new land now. We’re traveling far and fast. And it’s going to be ok, the angles ask me to assure you.

Although these have been challenging times for us, with this card the angels are offering you great encouragement and love. All this energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical traveling we’ve been doing this year is moving us ever closer to, or perhaps into, embodying our life purpose, our soul purpose, our true reason for being here. They are pushing pulling prodding and doing all possible to bring us along into this new place. How exciting is this!

If you are scared or resistant, simply ask your angels to help you move through whatever is coming up for you from this message, and in your life this week. Breathe and release, again and again. Shake it out from your arms, stamp your feet, focus your eyes on a distant horizon. And get support if you need it – but please – only from positive uplifting people!

The second card that flew out of the deck for you today is FLOWERS: “Working with flowers opens your heart and brings blessings to others through your life purpose.”

Before I could even read the text of this card I “heard” that this card is here today to encourage you to use Bach Flower Remedies and flower and plant based oils and remedies to support you in your shifts, your traveling now. They can open the heart, the third eye, the crown, they can help you release and ground into the new, and they will support you in your realignment. . The angels are suggesting that you consider these “potions” at this time.

And with that, we are compete. You are so loved!

Remember – the angels are always available to you – you just need to ask and they are right there to help, to encourage, and to love you. Don’t be shy.

Until next time,
Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority on Untangling Energy
Holding a space for peace.

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