Your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the Week of 8/22

Here is your Angel Card Reading/Channeled Message for the week of 8/22! As always, I asked the angels to please give me a message for my students, clients and followers, what would you like everyone to know? Thank you.

Today the angels took me to the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue for your message, 1 card pull.

Ahhhh, how lovely. The card for this week is RECOVERY. The prayer/invocation of this card is: “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for holding my hand throughout my recovery upon the path of radiant health.”

I’m sighing with delight at this card coming out for all of us at this time. Why? Well, because this card comes with two sets of messages today, say the angels, and both bring some relief and breathing room with them.

First, if you have been having physical or emotional issues which have created or are creating challenges in your life, this is a card of loving reassurance and oh so loving support. You’re on the path of recovery. And the angels are holding your hand. You just need to say YES beloved one, and to go along for the ride, they tell me.

This card may also be indicating that it is time for you to enter a phase of sobriety. If you feel this may apply to you, again, the timing is now. If you need help, please ask Archangel Raphael and the other angels around you to hold your hands and to move you into this path. They are right there waiting for your request.

The second direction this card and the angels take me today with RECOVERY is this. We’ve just gone through a very wild energetic run over the last 10 – 12 days, with lots of energetic and life chaos and tumbling and upshifting, as the Universe keeps pushing us to get back to our Light and to move ourselves to live in the higher energetic vibrations.

This has been challenging indeed. I’m loving this card because it’s showing me that for now, at least, we’ve shifted into a quick acclimation phase, where we are being given a little room to catch our breath, and to step into our radiance. With the help of Archangel Raphael and the other angels, who are holding our hands. Phew. Even if this phase just lasts a day or two, I’ll take it, won’t you?

This tumultuous year really causes us to appreciate these little pockets pf breathing space and energetic realignment. So soak it in, take a nice deep breath, blow it out, wiggle yout toes and let that energy and stress drop down and out of your body, and know that you are so loved.

And with that, we are complete.

Until the next time,
Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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