Your Angel Message for the week of 10/18!


I thought I was going to be pulling cards for your reading/channeled message for this week, but no! Instead the angels just put together this really interesting and powerful yet oh so loving alter for you to work with this week, and are giving me the message for you through these means instead =). This is all about transition with assistance!

The angels say to please print this image, save it as your desktop background or screensaver, whatever works for you – they’d like you to please place this image where you can absorb its energy and the transmutation and clearing they are bringing you through this configuration for the coming week. Yes, this continues our theme about comping into the end of this 9 year of completion, and beginning our forward move, they say.

The angels also ask that you please remember that they are right there with you, just waiting for you to call upon them to help take the old away, and to prepare you for the new! They are answering your prayers right here and right now, so do “pay attention” (their words not mine lol!)

So. What do we have here. In the back is a wonderful bronze Lord Ganesha – remover of obstacles and God of new beginnings. Next to him on the left is stunning piece of golden apatite – which lets us know a cycle is coming to an end, and which creates in us “a willingness to let go of useless aspects of life, people, or objects…”. In front of the apatite is a pineapple quartz – a fabulous formation also know as celestial quartz (there’s our angel connection!) – this stone helps heal both heart and soul, grounding your spiritual into your physical, and your physical into your spiritual so that you can move forward on soul path. Next to that is my all time favorite little quartz cluster – quartz cluster clear negativity in every direction, including within (negative thoughts) (every home and office should have at least one quartz cluster!). And then behind the cluster is a most amazing small quartz cluster, all of whose points aim in the same direction which in this configuration is forward, say the angels.

The stones in this layout are here to help you clear and transform. They are super supportive and offer a real amplification to your intentions, so please meditate with or simply look at this image for the coming week, and remember that the angels put this here for your healing and in answers to your prayers for help!

You are so loved.

And with that we are complete.

Until the next time,
Dina Kennedy
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Holding a space for peace.
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