Your Channeled Message and Crystal Message for the Week of 1/30

Here is your Angel Reading/Channeled Message for the week of January 30. This one is a little different – it came through as a channeled message for the collective (all of us) when I was doing some automatic writing early this morning. For those of you who don’t know what automatic writing is, it’s a means of taking dictation from spirit, the angels, your guides, the universe.

Upon completing of the automatic writing, the angels directed me to hold and photograph this stone for you to see and enjoy and take energy from too.

First the message, then the stone message.

I wrote: Dear angels and all who work with me and through me, is there a message for me today?

I heard and was directed to write: This is for the collective.

Then came the message which is: Hello Dear One! Breathe. As you go about your days, remember to – just – breathe. The breathe [not a typo] will clear you and realign you, bringing you once again to your center, your roundness and fullness, your vibrant colorful YES.

Breathing the back, the sides, the belly, the heart, lungs and voice.

Breathing fans your fire and lifts you back into your power.

You are so loved.

Then the stone: this stone is a personal stone I work with every morning in my morning practice. The angels asked me to share it with you today, and to tell you that: “this stone is a heart that is both black and white, light and dark, and left and right all – at – the – same- time. And so are you, and so is your heart. Hold it gently beloved ones. Remember that you are all a part of the web, of equal value and importance. All of you. Your dark, your Light, you left and right sides, your all contained in the One.

And with that they were complete.

The stone is a clear quartz, naturally irradiated smoky quartz combo with flaws, rainbows, inclusions, holes, and a myriad of sparkly bits, colors and shades of grey. Just like us <3

Remember – your angels are always available to help you – you just need to ask!

Wishing you peace and deep round breathing,

Dina Kennedy
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

p.s. – the next Reiki I Training is this Saturday 2/4, 10 -4. Hope you can make it. Repeaters always welcome. Let me know if you have any questions!

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